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October/November 2014 Schedule

Oktober 26 (Sunday) 2014, 20:00hr         Kunsthalle Basel, Basel Ch
20:00 Andrea Parkins (Sound-ist Fluxus Drone Experimentation)
21:00 Alan Licht (Guitar, Drones)
22:00 Phill Niblock (Soundstreams, Drones, Moving Images)
Projekt: Klappfon / Rumort

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Expozice Nove Hudby (Festival) Opening Concert
Besedni dum - Concert Hall, Brno CZ, 7:00 PM
27th Exposition Of New Music
HENRYK MIKOŁAJ GÓRECKI Concerto for harpsichord (or piano) and orchestra, op. 40 (version for piano), PHILIP GLASS Concerto for harpsichord and orchestra (Czech premiere); JUSTĖ JANULYTĖ Elongation of Nights, PHILL NIBLOCK To Two Tea Roses (composer's personal presence)
Sára Medková (piano), Martin Hroch (harpsichord), Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Maciej Tworek (conductor)    filharmonie-brno.cz

Wien Modern Festival, at  Alte Schmiede I,  Schönlaterngasse 9, 1010 Wien, Austria   
November 1 (Saturday)  2014, 17:00    Admission free
Eine Kooperation von WIEN MODERN und der Alten Schmiede
Phill Niblock, Music and Film/Video
Martin Zrost, soprano saxophone and guitar

November 8 - Slow Festival - Concertbebouw, Brugge Belgium, 1500hr
Phill Niblock, the Movement of People Working films, three cello pieces for Arne Deforce, a set by Thomas Ankersmit   (and many other sets)       concertgebouw.be

November 16, Sunday,
Theater Rampe, Filderstrasse 47, 70180 Stuttgart, in cooperation with SWR2
1700 - Thomas Ankersmit, 1800 - Phill Niblock         theaterrampe.de/

November 19, 21hr,  Approximation Festival, at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf
Phill Niblock and Thomas Anksersmit        approximation-festival.de

29 November 2014, at 19h00 (3 hour concert), Grande salle - Centre Pompidou, Paris
Phill Niblock - The Movement Of People Working,
with music featuring Kasper Toeplitz and Deborah Walker

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