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Brno CZ - Phill Niblock retrospective  November 24 2015 - January 24 2016, Brno House of Arts Museum, or, Dum Panu z Kunstatu, Galerie G99, Dominikánská 9,  produced and curated by Jozef Cseres and Mathieu Copeland   dumumeni.cz/en/vystava/exhibition_programme_of_the_brno_house_of_arts_september_december_2015     --  Works from 1961 until the present with a concert on November 23 in the Planetarium  virtualni.hvezdarna.cz/   hisvoice.cz/cz/articles/detail/2775  (in Czech language, but with some pictures)  Read the Press Release
Nov 27 - rAdioCUSTICA PremEdition - Czech Radio   ladislav.zelezny@rozhlas.cz   A radio premier of a new guitar piece by Phill Niblock, for David First, titled "First Out"; broadcast on the 27th and also available online
And a few other things until the end of the year:
Dec 5 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - The NovasFrequencias Festival - Dec 1 to 8, Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit on Dec 5    novasfrequencias.com  
Phill Niblock at Roulette for Six Hours of Music and Film on December 21, from 5pm to 11pm - the Winter Solstice (Roulette Intermedium, Inc, 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11217, www.roulette.org)
December 27, 9pm - Phill Niblock DVD presentation, a new DVD on the VonArchives label (Italy): T H I R, a film from 1971/72, of materials from nature, and alternate musics, with notes by Abigail Nelson and Juan Carlos Kase; Carlos Casas, the producer, will be present
At Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street, NY NY

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