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Current Events

Two out-of-festival concerts for:
October 2014

Pauline Oliveros, David Rothenberg, Timothy Hill     -     Friday 10
CICADA DREAM BAND: CD Release event Digital accordion, enhanced nature sounds, clarinets and harmonic singing, music developed during the 2013 emergence of the Brood II Seventeen-Year Cicadas of the Hudson Valley; Whales, nightingales, partially-musical conehead katydids, overtones, resonsance, deep listening and the squeezebox of the future, it's all here          terranovamusic.net/#/tn1410/          davidrothenberg.net           paulineoliveros.us         timothyhillmusic.com/

Stephen Vitiello, Neil Leonard, Phill Niblock and students of Berklee College of Music    -     Saturday 11

Niblock's Sethworks (played by students) and a new, Niblock composition for tenor saxophone, Ronet, played by Leonard; a new collaboration by Vitiello and Leonard that starts with close up field recordings created at Mountain Lake Biological Station in Virginia - saxophone, field recordings, analog and digital processing; an audible partner to Vitiello's recent installation at American Contemporary Gallery which focuses only on the low frequencies (below the threshold of hearing) - artifacts from the recordings of the same birds
For Leonard - neilleonard.com     cdbaby.com/cd/neilleonard3
For Niblock - experimentalintermedia.org
For Vitiello - stephenvitiello.com      12k.com/index.php/site/releases/captiva/
For Berklee - berklee.edu/focused/interdisciplinary-arts

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013  9PM

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