The Thirty-Sixth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, the Forty-first Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Forty-first Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

The Twentieth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A) Phill Niblock, Curator
December 2009


Olivia Block (Chicago)

Sunday 13

The electroacoustic composer and sound artist will present new pieces for solo violin and a collaborative electroacoustic piece with a chamber ensemble; the musicians -
Alejandro Acierto, bass clarinet, clarinet; Erica Dicker, violin; Michael Evans, percussion;
Alicia Lee, clarinet; Josh Sinton, bass clarinet; the second half of the program will feature an audio/visual collaboration with local film/video artists Sandra Leah Gibson and Luis Recoder oliviablock.net/ oliviablock.net/oblocknews.htm    myspace.com/oliviablock

Michael Pisaro (Los Angeles) Monday 14
He is a guitarist and composer whose music often involves sustained sounds of various kinds, fixed time structures and interaction with the environment; he's a member of the Wandelweiser composers collective wandelweiser.de/

Chantal Dumas (Montreal)    Wednesday 16
New work- "Mécanique du quotidien - Fragments"; made of sounds from everyday life, the piece operates between the narrative and the musical; les petits riens are the subtle sounds that are too quiet to attract any attention or so usual that we don't perceive them anymore; these can be parts of microcosms such as the insect world and computerized environments, or reminiscences, fragments of melodies, that play in loops in our brains, and of which we are the only listeners, or sounds from the past which resurface from time to time; like a "curiosity cabinet", the piece brings together a collection of sound objects with a taste for the incongruous and the original; despite the desire to transfigure the reality of sounds, the piece is primarily motivated by a wish to bring to light the rhythmical poetics of the everyday...
kurtislesick.com/?page_id=45    actuellecd.com/en/bio/dumas_ch/discog/

Richard Lainhart (New York) Thursday 17

Richard Lainhart, a composer, performer, and filmmaker, will be presenting an evening of films and electronic music, including sections from "No Other Time", a full-length intermedia performance combining realtime analog electronics performance in four-channel playback with high-definition computer-animated film projection. Lainhart will be accompanying his films, whose abstract imagery is inspired by the organic processes of nature, with his Buchla 200e/Haken Continuum modular analog synthesizer system.
otownmedia.com    vimeo.com/rlainhart

Guy De Bievre (Belgium) Friday 18
"The Relative Probability of Forming a Knot" (2009) is an open form, or flexible structure, composition; 'groove', 'stasis', 'long', 'slow' could be its keywords; it relies strongly on the element of surprise as performers are not supposed to 'rehearse' the work in any final form, but rather play it anew each time again without any common agreements; performers will be Peter Zummo, trombone; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; JD Parran, reeds; Guy De Bièvre, lap steel    guydebievre.org

Paul Devens (Netherlands) Saturday 19

This concert of Paul Devens will mark the release of his new album "Ink Summit" (on vinyl); the album contains eight compositions based upon field-recordings like the hum from air-vents from the streets, the irregular sound-patterns of branches, shaken by the wind, scratching a hard surface, the roar of a heating furnace, next to an extensive use of digital processing and modular sound synthesis; it researches the edge in between the concrete and a representation of reality as well as it encloses new and unheard sounds; a new and custom made approach to "Ink Summit" will be explored live during the concert at EI
pauldevens.nl    /pauldevens.blogspot.com    myspace.com/kendobahnorchestra

Phill Niblock (Where?) 6pm to midnight Monday 21

Barely 76, and doing still, six hours of films and music for the solstice; many new hours of 16mm film transferred to video phillniblock.com    experimentalintermedia.org

Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts,
the Aaron Copland Fund For Music and the Phaedrus Foundation

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013            9pm, or, as noted            
212 431 5127, 431 6430, experimentalintermedia.org and XIrecords.org

All of the EI December concerts are being streamed on free103point9 Online Radio; to hear the live stream during the posted events:    www.comm.free103point9.org:8000/ei.mp3.m3u

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Phill Niblock


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