Special Events

October 2014

Pauline Oliveros, David Rothenberg, Timothy Hill     -     Friday 10
CICADA DREAM BAND: CD Release event Digital accordion, enhanced nature sounds, clarinets and harmonic singing, music developed during the 2013 emergence of the Brood II Seventeen-Year Cicadas of the Hudson Valley; Whales, nightingales, partially-musical conehead katydids, overtones, resonsance, deep listening and the squeezebox of the future, it's all here          terranovamusic.net/#/tn1410/          davidrothenberg.net           paulineoliveros.us         timothyhillmusic.com/

Stephen Vitiello, Neil Leonard, Phill Niblock and students of Berklee College of Music    -     Saturday 11
Niblock's Sethworks (played by students) and a new, Niblock composition for tenor saxophone, Ronet, played by Leonard; a new collaboration by Vitiello and Leonard that starts with close up field recordings created at Mountain Lake Biological Station in Virginia - saxophone, field recordings, analog and digital processing; an audible partner to Vitiello's recent installation at American Contemporary Gallery which focuses only on the low frequencies (below the threshold of hearing) - artifacts from the recordings of the same birds
For Leonard - neilleonard.com     cdbaby.com/cd/neilleonard3
For Niblock - experimentalintermedia.org
For Vitiello - stephenvitiello.com      12k.com/index.php/site/releases/captiva/
For Berklee - berklee.edu/focused/interdisciplinary-arts


Experimental Intermedia Concerts - On the Air - Archived artonair.org/series/experimental-intermedia-concerts
David Weinstein, Program Director ARTonAIR.org
The Clocktower Gallery & Radio, 108 Leonard Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10013 USA, Office: 212-233-1096

Ear to the Earth, presents Revolutions per Minute:
China Sound Art by Dajuin Yao, Xu Cheng, Wang Changcun,
Samson Young, and Qu Qianwen

Monday, April 1, 2013 9pm
Experimental Intermedia Foundation, 224 Centre Street, Third Floor   eartotheearth.org

April 12


Sonia Meg√as April 11
II MONO+GRAPHIC - performers wearing dog collars, paper costumes, aprons, thimbles...
pieces in which movements, graphics, animal sounds are included... death and alive,
still and moving, video, music and performance art

Georg Friedrich Haas April 12
Ensemble Moto Perpetuo presents Georg Friedrich Haas's String Quartet No. 3, "In iij. Noct.",
which will be performed in near-total darkness with the four players improvising together
from opposite corners of the space, the immersive environment combined with Haas's penchant
for just intonation transports the audience into a singular and personal place

Petr Kotik April 13
S.E.M. Ensemble performs Petr Kotik's There is Singularly Nothing (1971-73) on text by
Getrude Stein; the monumental work will get only a 90 minute excerpt performance by
Megan Schubert & Christie Finn, Sopranos; Rachel Calloway, Alto; Jeffrey Gavett,
Baritone; Petr Kotik, Flute; Thomas Verchot, Trumpet; Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim,
Violins; William Lang, Trombone

A notice about a radio show by Kurt Gottschalk - kcgottschalk@gmail.com - broadcast on
Friday April 20, but streamed. He played my new piece, "FeedCorn Ear", Arne Deforce, cello,
which was premiered in the Grame Music Biennale in Lyon France on March 15 2012.
And with an interview with Robert Ashley.

Can be streamed right here: wfmu.org/playlists/shows/44788

Next week (now played) he will play my other new piece, "A Cage of Stars", Rhodri Davies, electric harp,
premiered at the AV Festival in Newcastle GB, on March 3 2012

Can be streamed right here: www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/44887

Radioing: wfmu.org/playlists/KU

April 22, 9pm sharp
There is an ENDE TYMES FESTIVAL FUNDRAISER at La Sala with Phill Niblock,
Hex Breaker Quartet, OPPONENTS and others, $8-$20 (sliding scale) La Sala @
Cantina Royale, 58 N 3rd St (btw. Kent & Wythe), Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
I will play FeedCorn Ear, Arne Deforce, cello, which was premiered in the
Grame Music Biennale in Lyon France on March 15 2012 - Phill

October 09

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013         9pm,
212 431 5127, 431 6430, www.experimentalintermedia.org and www.XIrecords.org
Phill Niblock, curator

Informal Events at EI NY in October

Roberto Paci Dalo (Italy) and Alexandra Purcaru (Romania / Italy)
Thursday 15

Roberto Paci DalÚ comes back to NYC with MERKUR a new project (World Premiere) created together with sound artist Alexandra Purcaru. A live set (laptops and clarinet) based on the invisible architecture of sound and electric dust. Moving on the threshold between broken melodies, loops, voice frequencies, soundscapes, and noise. As part of the evening is also the screening of the short film NITSCHLAND NAPOLI featuring the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch (American Premiere). www.giardini.sm

Patrick McGinley (murmer), Jim Haynes, and Brendan Murray Friday 16

Three artists working with organic textures and drones: Describing his work through the pithy phrase, "I rust things," Jim Haynes is a California based artist who has developed a poetic vocabulary of decay that he has applied to photography, sculpture, installation, and sound. Brendan Murray is a composer from Boston, MA who uses digital processing and analog synthesis to create large-scale compositions based in drone, pulse and repetition. And Patrick McGinley, aka murmer, also originally from Boston but now living in Estonia, works with found sounds, found objects, and specific spaces to create a direct and visceral link with an audience and location.    www.helenscarsdale.com/haynes    www.brendanmurray.com   www.murmerings.com

Anna Homler, Michael Delia, Al Margolis (IF,BWANA), Katherine Liberovskaya
Monday 19

L.A. based spoken-word and intermedia artist Homler has worked with instrument builder and sound and visual artist Delia. Delia has worked with composer Margolis and video artist Liberovskaya. Now they will all work together. The adventure begins with toys, homemade instruments, live sampling, pre-recorded sound, voice, words and live video.
Anna Homler: www.annahomler.com; Michael Delia: www.mad.lemurie.cz;
Al Margolis: www.myspace.com/ifbwana + www.pogus.com;
Katherine Liberovskaya: www.liberovskaya.net

June 09

A recorded music program presented at Experimental Intermedia on June 5 2009 - 9:00 pm
There will be three works, each 20 minutes in duration
The composer is Moniek Darge, of Gent Belgium

1. Magnesia (2006), sound Moniek Darge, visuals Lien Baert

2. East Crete (2008-2009), sound Moniek Darge

3. Anemos (2007), sound and visuals Moniek Darge

Program notes:

The project lets us hear 3 soundscapes of 20 minutes each, made in Crete. It is the result of 2 years of Levka Ori research and a supplemental year in eastern Crete. The composer is Moniek Darge. One of the compositions is an intermedia piece for which Lien Baert made a DVD based upon a 360 degree picture of the Magnesia site.

1. "Magnesia" (2006):

//the philosopher Plato situates the city of his dreams "Magnesia" in Crete. It is an utopian autonomous city to which creative people are attracted as if by magnetic power

Levka Ori, the white mountains of Crete are made audible

the magic point of Plato's Magnesia is localised there

sounds are transported from one site to the other

sea sounds to the mountains

goat bells and singing crickets


a collaboration of: dany lobe, fernand callebert, logos foundation, moniek darge, barbara buchowiec, lien baert, maarten callebert, nicole bauwens en kurt du tre

2. "East Crete" (2008-2009)

After soundscaping for some years in south west Crete with mainly nature sounds as material, we decided to try our chance in the more known part of the island.

We settled down on the east coast and started our sound hunting.

With sounds we tried to evocate the atmosphere of the island and recall the ancient hope for a utopian society.

with the support of the Flemish Government


3. "Anemos" (2007)

This project is also part of a larger artist event called Levka Ori, which takes place yearly in Crete. Artists from different media come together and what started off as a landart intitiative became an intermedia event. Central location is a site high in the mountains which we named Magnesia.

When standing on Magnesia all you hear is wind and you have a 360 degree wide view of the mountains around. Quite an impressive experience.

Moniek Darge is active as composer, violinist, performer and audio artist. She has built light- and soundsculptures, installations, musical instruments and for many years has been constructing a series of alternative music boxes, with which she also performs. Darge has specialised in both soundscapes and live-art performances in which visual and musical aspects are combined and in interactional improvisation on violin. Since 1970 she has performed around the world and has been active on stage, first with the Logos Ensemble, then with Logos Duo (together with Godfired-Willem Raes), and more recently with the M&M robot ensemble. She also founded Logos Women, a small group specialised in intermedia improvisations performing their own compositions for various instruments, voices and music boxes.

She's often invited by international artists to collaboration. In 1986 the Third Program of the National Belgian Radio broadcasted a series of programs about her concerts and performances in New York City and about some artists with whom she collaborated there. A similar program was made about her music experiences in Kenya and Rwanda. And later on also about Japan, China, Bresil, Australia, New Zealand etc. She herself also realised radio programs about women artists over the world.

In 1997 she received the title of Cultural Embassador of Flanders for the Logos Duo. Moniek Darge published several journalistic and literary essays, amongst which "Inter Media Myths, Auto-Author" (1986), an art edition, combining poetry, drawings, scores and pictures (Toronto, Art Metropole-catalogue no.12) and the book "Lijf tegen Lijf" (Body against Body, Kritak, Leuven, 1982). She's general editor of the 'Logos-Blad', the monthly magazine of the Logos Foundation, which appears already during more than 30 years and in which she also tells her international music travel experiences. Many international magazines published her articles.

Besides her many concerts and performances all over the world and besides her activities as organiser, Moniek Darge is assistant professor at the "Hogeschool Gent" where she teaches 20th Century Art History, Audio Art and Non Western Art Studies at the Fine Arts Department and an Introductionary course in Ethnomusicology at the Music Department.

Moniek Darge was born in Bruges, 1952 and studied music theory and violin at the Music Conservatory of Bruges, painting at the Ghent Royal Academy of Fine Arts; Art History, Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

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