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The Thirty-fourth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, the
Thirty-ninth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the
Thirty-ninth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

The Eighteenth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A)
Phill Niblock, Curator | December 2007

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013
212.431.5127 | 431.6430
fax 212.431.4486


Monday 10   Els van Riel (Brussels) and Chiyoko Szlavnics (Toronto, Berlin)

"neural activity" - Van Riel (live video) and Szlavnics (sound) work with minute details of perception through a simultaneity of microscopic views through the lens (projected light) and soundwaves (beating frequencies) - both senses are acutely heightened; their work produces a conflict of neural activity as both receptive areas of rays, cones, and the basilar membrane and earDRUM send copious amounts of information to the reacting messengers of the brain - the result is heightened neural activity; unintentional associations are provoked by recognizable material, but abstraction immediately challenges the legitimacy of same associations; an additional level of activity ensues: the activity of thought and the abandonment of thought, as expectation gives way to experience
- live video projection; sine tones & Pauline Kim, solo violin - "homage to james tenney"

Tuesday 11   Audrey Chen (Baltimore)

Voice/cello/analog electronics - presenting a series of solo improvisations with emphasis on the voice, hearkening back to song, noise and melody; combustible, acrid, sweet, pitted full and potentially beautiful...

Thursday 13   Pierre Berthet (Liege, Belgium)

Acoustical extensions of various objects to resonators through steel cables; reversed vacuum cleaner

Friday 14   Madelon Hooykaas (Amsterdam)

Hooykaas/Stansfield have been creating audio/video installations for over 30 years; since the death of Elsa Stansfield in 2004, Madelon has continued to develop their range of ideas; she will show a new project -'Haiku, the art of the present moment', a 2 channel audio/video installation inspired by the Japanese classic book 'the Narrow Road to the Far North' - a pilgrimage on foot, written by the haiku poet Basho; projected on a special screen, the combination of video images of the four seasons, sounds of nature and music played by the shakuhachi constantly varies

Sunday16   Marcus Schmickler (Cologne, Germany)

His latest algorithmic composition, applying different microtonal scales onto various models of granular synthesis and chaotic functions

Monday 17   Travis Just (New York)

The New York-based composer presents recent work for instruments, signal processing, playback devices, speech and gesture; he is performing with his ensemble Object Collection

Tuesday 18   Bernhard Gal (Vienna, Berlin)

A solo laptop performance, mainly based on works from recent CD publications which he takes apart and reassembles in a quasi-improvised, live context

Wednesday19   Jens Brand (Cologne, Germany)

An evening composed of three pieces that have nothing in common ... 1: "music" and music video, based on what Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) thinks it is (or a respirator sounds like); 2: A vinyl based topographic scratch around the world on behalf of the one and only TWV - the black beeliner with grooves - and 3: HCAT-MPIGS a piece for trombone, violin and annoying light; at the end of a questionable evening, questions can be asked and products can be bought at discount prices; the concert supported by the Ministerpresident of North-Rhine Westphalia and Harvestworks; with contributions by Dan Evans Farkas, Phill Niblock and Yasunao Tone

Friday 21   Phill Niblock

So what's new?- well, some things, but with six hours of music and film/video, who can tell?; 6pm until 12am of the longest night of the year


Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, the Aaron Copland Fund For Music, The Amphion Foundation, and the Phaedrus Foundation

-------------------- Activities of Experimental Intermedia v.z.w. Gent, Belgium
In 1993, the American artist Phill Niblock opened a house with window gallery at Sassekaai 45, in Gent, Belgium.

Quickly the EI Huis became a meeting place for many local and international artists and art lovers. In 1997, the co-ordinating committee - Phill Niblock, Maria Blondeel, Zjuul Devens, Lieve D'hondt and Ludo Engels - founded a Belgium organization, the Experimental Intermedia v.z.w. Gent. EI presents 4 or more installations a year in the windows. The installations can be seen from the street through two large windows: pedestrians, car drivers, bikers and people on the tram cannot help but give attention to the curved front with its two windows, bringing the art (often literally) onto the street. By exploring the space and the environment, the artist can surprise passers-by .EI has produced several projects in collaboration with other international artists' organizations like Kunstcentrum Sittard, Sittard (NL), MeX, Dortmund (D), ICAEE, Tokyo (JP), Voorkamer, Lier (B) and Logos Foundation, Gent (B). The artists who have made installations, listed in chronological order, are: Maria Evelein, the Netherlands; Sigrid Lange, Germany; Michael Timpson, USA; Michael Vorfeld, Germany; Uli Vonbank-Schedler, Austria; Harald Kubiczak, Germany; Alexandru Patatics, Romania and Gerd Schmedes, Germany; Mike Metz, USA and Penelope Wehrli, USA/ Germany (in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts, Gent); Beverly Piersol, USA/ Austria and Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Austria; Juana Valdes, Cuba/USA; Adri Huismann, The Netherlands; Kjell Bj÷rgeengen, Norway; Claudia Wissman, Germany; Claudia Schmacke, Germany; Marica Presic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Doris Koch, Germany; Esther Ferrer, France/Spain; Ludwika Ogorzelec, France/Poland; Peter Schoutsen, Netherlands; Jozef Cseres and Michael Murin, Slovakia; Steffen Muck, Germany; Maria Friberg and John Oivind Eggesboe, of Sweden and Denmark; Mirjam Berloth, The Netherlands; Beate Maria W÷rz, Germany; Heike Kern, Germany ; Renate Hoffman Korth, Germany, and Sonia Rodrigues, Portugal/ England; Leonidas Martin Saura (Spain); Ursula Scherrer, Switzerland/USA; Jio Shimizu, Japan; Minoru Sato, Japan; Nina Kovacheva and Valentin Stefanoff, Bulgaria / France; An Seebach, Germany; Anna Best, England; Paul Devens, The Netherlands; ts Beall, USA and Glasgow; Ivan Smith, England; Sara Hornbacher, USA; Yoshito Ikeda, Japan; Almut Rink and Christof Schlegel, Austria; Sophie Nys, Belgium; Jurgita Remeikyte, Vilnius, Lithuania; Juul Sadee, Netherlands; Doris Kuwert, Germany; Bruce Allan, England ; Carlos Andrade, Colombia and Todd Ayoung, USA; Takahiko Iimura, Japan; Patrick Beaulieu, Canada; Marieke De Munck, Belgium; Tim Vets & Erki De Vries, Belgium; Adam Geczy, Australia; Katherine Liberovskaya, Canada; John Luther Adams, USA; Agnes Hay, Hungary/England; a collaboration - Katherine Liberovskaya, Canada; Rie Nakajima, Japan/England; Marie Roux, England/France
Please visit the EI Gent website: www.experimentalintermedia.be

XI Compact Disks currently available, check the website: www.XIrecords.org Phill Niblock, Four Full Flutes, XI 101; Lois V Vierk, Simoom, XI 102; Guy Klucevsek, Flying Vegetables of the Apocalypse, XI 104; David Behrman, Unforeseen Events, XI 105; Tom Johnson, Music for 88, XI 106; Mary Jane Leach, Celestial Fires, XI 107; Fast Forward, Same Same, XI 108; Ellen Fullman, Body Music, XI 109; Jackson Mac Low, Open Secrets, XI 110; Phill Niblock, Music by, XI 111; Allison Cameron, Raw Sangudo, XI 112; Daniel Goode, Clarinet Songs, XI 113; Mary Ellen Childs, Kilter, XI 114; Peter Zummo, Experimenting With Household Chemicals, XI 116; The Logos Duo, Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge, Logos Works, XI 117; Annea Lockwood and Ruth Anderson, Sinopah, XI 118; Eliane Radigue, Trilogie de la Mort, XI 119 (3 CDs for the price of two); Malcolm Goldstein, The Seasons:Vermont , XI 120; Paul Panhuysen, Partitas for Long Strings, XI 122; Tom Johnson, The Chord Catalogue, XI 123; Ellen Band, 90% Post Consumer Sound, XI 124; Philip Corner, 40 years and one, XI 125; Recent releases in our new two CDs for the price of one series -- Richard Lainhart, Ten Thousand Shades of Blue, XI 115; Phill Niblock, YPGPN, XI 121; Gen Ken Montgomery, Pondfloorsample, XI 126; Michael J. Schumacher, Room Pieces, XI 127; Alan Licht, A New York Minute, XI 128; David Behrman, My Dear Siegfried, XI 129, Warren Burt, The Animation Of Lists And The Archytan Transpositions, XI 130; Matt Rogalsky, Memory Like Water, XI 131; David Watson, Fingering an Idea, XI132; more to come, of course

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