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Thursday, May 06, 2004

come spring, some sprung 

Bunkier Sztuki, pl. Szczepanski 3a, PL 31-011, Krakow Poland
Friday May 7th at 6:30, a concert of Music and Film by Phill Niblock

Then the past:

April 16th, 8pm
Riga Latvia
Independent Culture Club - Aura
Kalnciema iela 36/38. date was
Ernests Ansons and Viestarts Gailitis, curators
There were six sets, Phill Niblock was the last

18 April, Sunday, 7 p.m.
Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius Lithuania

Multimedia program of the American artist
Performers: Mindaugas Backus, Seth Josel, Phill Niblock

Festival "Jauna Muzika", of the Lithuanian Composers' Union, Vytautas V.
Festival Director, Vilnius Lithuania; www.mic.lt; jaunamuzika@lks.lt

April 21, 2004, 7 pm
A three part event:
A presentation of Babel-On, an audio-video-installation by Katherine
Liberovskaya &
Phill Niblock
A short history of the Experimental Intermedia Window Gallery and other
related events, with pictures, (EI Gent, Belgium), presented by Phill
A concert of Music and Film by Phill Niblock
Performance Art Centre at Culture Centre, Lublin, Poland, curator -
Waldemar Tatarczuk
ul. Peowiakow 12
20-007 Lublin Poland
tel. 00 48 81 5360319; e-mail: performance@ck.lublin.pl,

April 23th - May 9th
Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland, in the Project Room
Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya, Babel-On audio-video-installation.
Bunkier Sztuki, pl. Szczepanski 3a, PL 31-011, Krakow Poland
Friday May 7th at 6:30, a concert of Music and Film by Phill Niblock
The Austrian Cultural Forum New York and mica-music information center
austria proudly present - "moving patterns", new electronic music and
beyond - April 23 - 28 2004
Now in its second year, "moving patterns" is a festival dedicated to the
phenomenon of Vienna Electronica. The six-evening program is packed with
concerts and DJ parties. The program will highlight the following artists:
(among others) exclusive collaborations such as stellar trumpeter Franz
Hautzinger and New York legend Phill Niblock.

see website for full details: http://www.acfny.org/ and http://www.mica.at/
Wednesday | April 28, 8:00 pm | Screening: short films by monochrom
8:15 pm | Franz Hautzinger/Phill Niblock (http://www.churchofgrob.com and
9:00 | pm dp-S (Patrick Pulsinger/Werner Dafeldecker), Hans-Joachim
Roedelius (http://www.feedback-studio.com/ and http://www.roedelius.com/)

Admission is free. No tickets or reservations necessary.
Austrian Cultural Forum New York,11 East 52nd St (btw. Fifth and Madison
New York, NY 10022, 212 319 5300
April 30 - May 2nd, at Wesleyan University
April 30th : Phill Niblock - 10pm, World Music Hall
May 1st :
Sound installations:
John Hudak, Marina Rosenfeld, Ben Manley, Free 103, Michael Pestel, Jason
12-6pm, Russel House Grounds
24 hours for a Parking Garage: Middlesex Corporate Parking Garage 6pm
Music inside a chapel, Memorial Chapel: John Bischoff, Matt Rogalsky
Earle Brown played by the Wesleyan Orchestra, 10pm
Sunday May 2nd
Two panel discussions, with Johnathan Sterne, Ron Kuivila, Christoph Cox,
Carsten Seiffarth, Joe Thompson, Anthony Huberman - 12pm Russell House
for more details and campus map see www.wesleyan.edu/cfa/

BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice
Academy of Fine Arts Katowice
Krzysztofory Gallery Krakow
Bunkier Sztuki Krakow

With the participation of : Sylvette Babin - Quebec / Canada, Jozef Bury -
Poland / France,
Sylvie Cotton - Quebec / Canada, Mary-Noele Dupuis - Germany, Esther Ferrer
- Spain / France, Wojtek Kucharczyk - Poland, Marek Kus - Poland, Katherine
Liberovskaya - Canada / USA, Jacques Lizene - Belgium, Edwige Mandrou -
France, Alice Musiol - Germany, Phill Niblock - USA, Anna Plotnicka -
Poland, Nicolas Primat - France, Artur Tajber - Poland

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004, 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice :
Opening presentations : actions, performances, installations and video
Thursday, April 29th, 2004, 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Krzysztofory Gallery Krakow : Actions, performances and video projections.
Friday, April 30th, 2004, 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice : Actions, performances,
installations and video projections. Open press conference.
(They will present a Video by Katherine Liberovskaya and Film and Music
(DVD on Extreme) by Phill Niblock, as a continuous installation, in

Curators of Art Meeting: Jozef Bury and Marek Kus
Curator cooperation : Sylvette Babin, ESSE Arts+Opinions - Quebec / Canada,
Piotr Krajewski - WRO Center for media art - Wroclaw, Artur Tajber Fort
Sztuki - Krakow
The 5th International Art Meeting Katowice 2004 is organized by BWA
Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice; In partnership with Academy of Fine Arts
Katowice; Krzysztofory Gallery Krakow; Bunkier Sztuki Krakow; The Cricoteka
Centre for Documentation of Tadeusz Kantor Art - Krakow; Atelier 340 Muzeum
- Bruxelles; Bundesverband Bildender Kunstler - BBK Koln
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec; Centre de Recherche sur les Arts
et le Language, CNRS/EHESS, Paris
For more information :
Contact : international_art_meeting@free.art.pl

BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice
Al. Korfantego 6. 40-004 KATOWICE. Tel./fax 48 32 599040, 48 32 599324.
e-mail: promocja@bwa.katowice.pl; http://www.bwa.katowice.pl
Tatig Sein (Title), Exhibition and book project, May 1 - June 13, 2004,
daily 12 - 18.30 Opening on April 30, 2004, 19 hours at the Neue
Gesellschaft fur bildende Kunst e.V. (NGBK), Oranienstrase 25, 10999 Berlin
artists: Maria Thereza Alves, Heike Bollig, Ca Fei/Ou Ning, Asta Groting,
Claudia Hardi, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Petra Maitz, Phill Niblock, Kirsten
Pieroth, Peter Piller, Gunter Reski, Cornelia Schmidt-Bleek, Michaela
Schweiger, Allan Sekula, Inga Svala Thosdottir, Rosemarie Trockel, Moira
(They are showing my DVD on the Extreme Label, "The Movement of People
Working", as a continuous screening in a separated room, with music.)
SUBTROPICS 16 - Miami's (Florida) Experimental Music Festival
March 3 - April 10, 2004, www.subtropics.org
As part of the festival:
MIAMI BEACH CINEMATEQUE, 512 Espanola Way, Miami Beach
Curated by Gustavo Matamoros, the Subtropics Sound Videos Series will
present experimental video works specializing in sound. The works range
from an exploration of the melodic and rhythmical dimensions of human
spoken language in Katherine Liberovskaya and PhillNiblock's Babel-On to
the social construction surrounding the definition of manhood gleaned from
Klaus Theweleit's Male Fantasies, Vol. 1 in The Maginot Line: Thoughts on
Theweleit by Mark Eden. The Subtropics Sound Videos I will feature the
following works: Babel-On by Katherine Liberovskaya (Montreal/Canada) and
Phill Niblock (New York/USA); Second Thoughts by Dennis Miller
(Boston/USA); Hay Que Saltar El Lecho by Patricia Perez (Havana/Cuba); The
Maginot Line: Thoughts on Theweleit by Mark Eden; an excerpt from I Need a
Gig by Michael Welch (Orlando/USA); Sounding (version) by Edward Bobb
(Miami/USA) and On the Edge by Ksawery Kaliski & Wojt3k Kucharczyk

MIAMI BEACH CINEMATEQUE, 512 Espanola Way, Miami Beach Subtropics Sound
Videos II curated by Gustavo Matamoros will continue to present
experimental video works specializing in sound in the second Videos program
during the Subtropics Experimental Music Festival. The works vary in
experimental style from computer animations with electronic music to a 3-D
presentation. Kristine Burns' Copper Islands is described as an
abstract distillate of a symbolic relationship between metallic sounds and
largely monochromatic synthesized video. Painting The Painting by
Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock documents the point of view of the
paint-brush during Graham Cantieni's creative process. The Subtropics Sound
Videos II will feature the following works: Hentracks on Eternity by
Phillip Blackburn and Preston Wright; three pieces from Usi Scrutati by Lou
Mallozzi; Vis a Vis by Dennis Miller; Gesture #4 by Edward Bobb; Copper
Islands by Kristine Burns; and Painting The Painting by Katherine
Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock.

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CDs and DVDs
Sample from the recently released The Movement Of People Working (11.3 MB)
Music and video available at Forcedexposure.com

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