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Thursday, February 19, 2004

New York, March 2004 

The Kitchen Art Gallery Sound CubeTM

March 30-May 1
Open: Tue-Sat, 2-6pm Free
Opening reception: March 30 (Tue) 6pm Free
Gallery Talk: April 17 (sat) 3pm Free
Location: The Kitchen Art Gallery, The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, NYC
Produced by The Kitchen, Charles Morrow Associates Inc., and Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center; curated by Charlie Morrow, Stephen Vitiello and Christina Yang

Thirteen composers write for sound art pioneer Charlie Morrow's Sound Cube--a multi-channel playback environment providing a 3D audio experience. World premieres by Olivia Block, Shelley Hirsch, Miya Masaoka, Steve McCaffrey, Charlie Morrow, Phill Niblock, Michael J. Schumacher, Scanner, Stephen Vitiello, Martyn Ware, and Pamela Z.

The Kitchen Art Gallery will also feature a listening booth where audience members can listen to two compilation CDs featuring highlights from the 1979 New Music, New York concerts.

Check out the Kitchen's March lineup

And check out the Kitchen's site

Monday, February 16, 2004

Winter 2004 (moscow) 

- Exhibition of video/audio installation 'Babel-On'
by Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock
February 9th - 21st
M'ARS Center for Contemporary Arts,
5 Pushkaryov pereulok, Moscow 103045, Russia,
tel 095-923-5610, 095-923-6690, fax 095-923-5610,
e-mail mars-gallery@yandex.ru

- Artist talk by Katherine Liberovskaya, February 16th
- Concerts by Phill Niblock February 18th and 19th
NCCA (National Center for Contemporary Arts),
13 Zoologicheskaya St., Moscow, Russia,
tel 095-254-8492, fax 095-254-0622,
e-mail PR@NCCA.RU

- Concert by Phill Niblock, February 22nd
DOM Cultural Center,
24-4 B. Ovchinnikovsky lane, Moscow, Russia,
tel 095-953-7236, fax 095-953-7242,
e-mail dom-msk@postman.ru

Founding director
Moscow New York
tel 7 095 238 0269 1 212 431 0004
fax 7 095 238 9666 1 212 925 2795

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