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Live video & live audio collaborative projects

Mountain/Reflex and River/Wind

New works for sound & video by David First (laptop & guitar) and Katherine Liberovskaya (laptop & cameras)

David First link: www.notekillers.com

A dialogue between David First's (electric guitar/laptop) new system of targets, tunings, loops and gestures originally inspired by the 108 movements found in Taoist Tai Chi and Katherine Liberovskaya's live visuals obtained through the combination of laptop processing with a real-time closed-circuit image capture and feedback setup using surveillance equipment and objects in motion (recently developed for a self-generating video-audio installation created in Milano. O'artoteca November-December 2007).

Premiered June 19th @ Roulette NYC as part of the of the 2008 Mixology Festival....



Zanana (Monique Buzzarté, trombone and Kristin Norderval, soprano)
Katherine Liberovskaya (live video)

Zanana link: www.zanana.org

A trombone, a soprano, a video artist, three laptops, and tools for surveillance...  These are the ingredients of Sub/veillance, an innovative work by Zanana (Monique Buzzarté and Kristin Norderval) and Katherine Liberovskaya incorporating signal processing of live and pre-recorded feeds of extreme video close-ups and closely miked sounds, including those from the Southern Theater. In Sub/veillance, the feed feeds the response and the response feeds the recording devices for a nonstop feedback loop where boundaries between previously recorded and live performance become completely blurred.  

(A note on our title:  Sub/veillance is our play on  "sousveillance",  a term used to describe the recording of an activity by a participant in that activity -  ie. recording "from below" rather than "above".)

Commissioned by and premiered at the Southern Theater's 2008 Electric Eyes: New Music and Media Festival. June 6 & 7 @ Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN.


Liberovskaya / Bell Live

Katherine Liberovskaya, live video and live percussion
Jim Bell, live sound

Jim Bell link: www.voxish.net/words

Katherine Liberovskaya, live video and live percussion, and Jim Bell, live sound

Premired May 16th 2008 @ Experimental Intermedia, NYC.

Collaborative live video/sound installation by Liberovskaya/Kojo

Katherine Liberovskaya, live video
Hitoshi Kojo, live sound.

Hitoshi Kojo link: www.octpia.com/kojo

This work was composed in real time via found objects and materials collected beforehand by the artists together. These objects and materials, chosen in relation to presenting at the same time interesting sound producing properties and visual qualities, served as both object and subject of the installation-performance. With the help of microphones, samplers, various cameras and live processing software, their manipulation formed the body of the sound and the content of the moving image within an audio-visual dialogue in constant flux.

The idea with this concept is to arrive a few days before the performance in order to have time to collect, and test, a set of local objects, in addition to ones we bring, for the live production of the sound and the image. The performance is best presented on the floor, at the same level as the audience, rather than on any kind of stage, with the performers sitting directly on the ground without any tables or chairs.

Premiered April 30th 2007 within the context of the New Composers Series: Sound in Changing Context
www.whiteboxny.org/program/newcomposers/index.html @WHITE BOX, NYC www.whiteboxny.org

Bagpipe Extrapolations

Bagpipes and live audio processing: David Watson
Live video mixing with Jitter and live cameras: Katherine Liberovskaya

Uncustomary perspectives on bagpipe sound with David Watson's unconventional approach to the traditional instrument in responsive dialogue with offbeat perspectives on the instrument itself and its player with Katherine Liberovskaya's multiple live camera JITTER/MAX/MSP set-up enabling her to mix and process the cameras' points of view with pre-recorded moving images in real time.

This work originated out of Liberovskaya's interest in experimenting with the input of miniature live cameras mounted on the instruments of performing musicians as content for improvised live video and Watson's desire to interact with live visuals. It is the first public presentation of an on-going exploratory collaborative process.

"The Great Highland Bagpipe (that is itís name, not a gushing description) certainly brings itís own baggage and expectations.The translation of a traditional outdoor and profane instrument (as opposed to the other two categories of pre-modern era music making )into the concert setting poses problems, which I guess I like. For this concert at Roulette I am using the instrument as a sound and space explorer, extrapolated with live processing to include live sampling, processing and analysis and spatialisation. Extrapolating and highlighting what is already occurring acoustically." (David Watson)

Premiered May 15th 2006 @ Roulette, NYC Roulette @ Location One /www.roulette.org/events/2006_05.html

Liberovskaya / o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi)

o.blaat link: www.myspace.com/oblaat


Liberovskaya / If,Bwana (Al Margolis)

if,bwana link: www.myspace.com/ifbwana www.myspace.com/ifbwana

Katherine Liberovskaya: live video
Al Margolis (If,Bwana): cds and sampler

Liberovskaya / Niblock

niblock links: www.phillniblock.com

- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phill_Niblock - www.experimentalintermedia.org/pn/ www.myspace.com/ifbwana

Live A/V Mix by Liberovskaya/Niblock

Live mixing of sound collage pieces by Phill Niblock
Live Video by Katherine Liberovskaya

Niblock mixes between audio pieces based on diverse field recordings which are very different from his music compositions. Liberovskaya mixes video with Jitter/Max/MSP from a vast personal database of footage shot over the past fifteen years.